Builders and shopfitters


Tradies Accountant is a specialised accounting firm that provides bookkeeping, accounting and consulting advice to trade business owners. We have been working closely with shopfitters and builders across Australia over the past year. Through our consulting advice, we have set up a software that allows us to gather benchmarks from shopfitting and builders businesses, we have included four important benchmarks below that will let you see where you are sitting in relation to your competitors.

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2 Steps that can ensure that your Trade business is compliant to QBCC laws

At Tradies Accountant we have been providing additional services to clients such as upgrading their licence category and helping resolve QBCC audits. We have found that some of the business owners are unaware of their requirements regarding holding a QBCC licence. As a trade business owner and a licence holder, you need to make sure you are compliant with all QBCC licence requirements. Explained below are the two main requirements imposed by QBCC:

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