Are you eligible for government grants?

The government is currently offering grants to help small businesses owners grow their business. These grants can be used to help fund the development and growth of your business. The funding just requires an application to the relevant body once you are satisfied you meet the criteria. There are different grants available for specific purposes. The most relevant ones for Trade businesses owners are highlighted below.

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New Legislation for Security of Payment

The Queensland Government has introduced new reforms to improve security of payment in the building and construction industry.

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Project Bank Accounts

The Queensland Government is implementing project bank accounts from the 1st of March 2018 for certain building and construction projects valued between $1 million and $10 million. This new incentive will also begin in 2019, to private sector projects that are over $1 million.

Project bank accounts, will involve the following 3 parties:

-Principal - who the building work is being carried out for under the contract 

-Head Contractor - who is carrying out the building work under the contract

-Subcontractor - first-tier subcontractors who have been subcontracted by the Head Contractor to carry out the work under the contract

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