How to go from Break-even to Profit

Break-even: Part 2

In the first part of the Break-even series, we discussed what the break-even point is, how to calculate it and the 3 important elements you need to employ to achieve that position. As a quick recap, new businesses might not generate expected income in the short term but can make enough revenue which puts them in a position of not making a loss but not making a profit either. At this point the business can still survive, however, the most preferable outcome is that of making a profit as soon as possible.

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Are You Spending Unnecessary Dollars on Wages?

Looking over your cash flow, you’ll notice one expense popping up over and over again, and it’s a big number. Without it your business can’t grow and you can’t get a break! Whether you pay wages weekly, fortnightly or monthly, if you are not truly aware of where these dollars are going, it can hit your back pocket hard.

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Prioritising Your Cash Flow

Managing your cash flow is more than simply looking at what goes in and out of your accounts and paying your bills on time. Here, we suggest how to prioritise your cash flow to make the most of what is available to you while moving your business forward.

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